The ROTO-FLOAT-SST is a direct acting switch. It has been designed and constructed for extremely long life in the most demanding applications. Each Roto-Float-SST contains a single pole mercury switch in a normally open or normally closed circuit configuration, which actuates or deactuates with changes in fluid level.

The mercury switch has been inserted into the #316 stainless steel Teflon
® coated housing, then encapsulated in epoxy, forming an impact and corrosion resistant unit. The cable used is a 14-3 conductor, type SO jacketed, with each conductor having 105 strands of copper for extra flexibility. Each float has a green wire as an internal ground and THIS MUST RUN TO A SUITABLE EXTERNAL GROUND, per N.E.C. The Roto-Float-SST comes with a mounting clamp, which attaches to a 1" mounting pipe, (supplied by others). #316 stainless steel pipe stabilizing brackets for mounting the pipe are available and designated "WSTB".